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Benefits of an Alcohol-Free Lifestyle

Image of a woman smiling with a slice of watermelon.

A lot of us like a drink. The social aspect, the taste, the general feeling and connection with good times. However, more and more people are turning toward an alcohol-free lifestyle (or at least cutting back on grandpa’s cough syrup). The crazy thing is, living an alcohol-free lifestyle comes with a lot of benefits you've probably never heard of. You feel more energetic, your mental health improves, and you don’t feel anxious about telling Steve in marketing that you’ve been crushing on him, like, forever. Or is that just me? Ultimately, alcohol influences our physique over time, and changes the way we think, feel, and respond to everyday events.

Reaching for an adult bevvy has become almost automatic for some of us to wind down after a hard day. Alcohol also consumes tonnes of your free time (especially when next-day dusty). So, here's more about why it's great to enjoy an alcohol-free lifestyle. 

Opportunity to reclaim your health and well-being

We all know that consuming alcohol every day isn't ideal for longevity. Living an alcohol-free lifestyle allows you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make a genuine commitment to living healthy. Maybe there's a local beach you stopped visiting, or a running track has been calling your name but the call of the bar has drowned it out? Either way, the idea is that you can replace drinking with healthy habits. The hard part is appreciating that it'll take time to adjust, but it's always worth the fight in the end. 

Some former drinkers start making headway by changing their diet first, gradually adding more fruits, vegetables, and non-alcoholic drinks. The fun part is that a change towards healthy living builds momentum. You might start by eating more vegetables at dinner and find it easier to cut back on soft drinks or fruit juices that contain a high level of natural sugar. When you establish a proper rhythm with diet and exercise, the results compound and take on a whole new life.

More money to spend on hobbies and recreational activities

But let’s examine it from a different perspective: money. You may not realise how much money you’re spending every month on a luxury that you’ve transformed into a necessity. Even if you hold fast to cheaper alcohol, you’ll still spend more money maintaining an unhealthy habit instead of trying to break it.

A great starting point is to use that "extra" money to pursue a hobby you've always wanted to try. That means making investments in sporting gear if you're making a genuine commitment to dieting and exercise for some of us. For others, it's a prime opportunity for others to do something as simple as reading more books or enjoying a craft (knitting is surprisingly fun, thanks Nan). You also find that non-alc drinks don’t have you craving another, and another, and another. So, even if you’re splurging on some boutique alc-free drinks to help soothe your cravings, you’re still spending less and stop after a few while still keeping social.

Without a doubt, you can replace any former habit with activities that are heaps of fun and will actually make your life more enjoyable and stress-free. Is there any more substantial benefit than that? Many people finally stepped away from the pub and discovered that life had passed them by. It's OK to change your lifestyle, and nothing is forcing you to keep drinking; it's your choice, and you alone have the power to change it.

Ultimately, the benefits of an alcohol-free lifestyle far outweigh the downsides. The question is: will you have a little go and experience them first-hand?