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What can I drink when Friday night rolls around?

As Friday rolls around, the thought of cracking open a bottle of booze becomes the best part of the day.  The chatter around the office leans towards after-work bevvies, or maybe even getting totally blitzed because the week has been long. 

As someone who is trying to cut back on the plonk for whatever reason, this work convos can feel a little isolating with a sprinkling of FOMO thrown in for good measure. After all, you can’t be the only one who will not be having a boozy drink cocktail at the happy hour tonight…right?

Enter Monday Distillery – letting the good times roll without the need to roll home.  Alcohol isn’t the be-all and end-all after a busy day.  Sometimes the theatre of just having a beautiful adult non-alc drink can make you feel buzzed.  With the alc-free industry booming, there are so many options to get you through that Friday arvo slump, and Monday Distillery offers nine different flavour bombs to cater for all tastes.  Houses within sophisticated bottles and wrapped in packaging that screams ‘good times,’ your Friday night can be fun without the accompanying Saturday morning regret. 

You won’t need a single drop of alcohol to chill out tonight, or ever. Not if you don’t want to. Here are some of my favourite non-alcoholic drinks to give you some inspiration. 

 Monday Distillery Products

Non-Alcoholic Classic G&T

We all crave a sparkling and zesty Gin & Tonic now and again, it’s one of life’s joys. 

In this flavourful creation, you’ll taste a kick of rosemary and sea salt, which add a lovely botanical vibe to this classic rooftop bar companion. This non-alc G&T is naturally sweetened with stevia.  Monday Distillery then mixes in some other tonic tidbits, then add some love to make your taste buds go ‘oh, sip yes!’. It’s your G&T without the tears.

This sophisticated bevvie will have you looking forward to Friday nights (or Saturday mornings). 


Non-Alcoholic Aperitz Spritz

This quintessential drink promises to cheer up any sunny afternoon, thanks to its gin and vermouth-inspired zing. 

This is your go-to if you’re craving a refreshing sparkling taste with a gin-inspired kick. This twinkling libation then spices things up with grapefruit, Italian orange, aromatic rosemary, cherry and a touch of espresso and smoked vanilla.

Now, you can enjoy the refreshment of a sour and citrus-y spritz without the blitz. 


Non-Alcoholic Tequila

Flavourful, versatile, and smooth…tequila is like summer in a bottle. 

Ditch your Margarita for a blushing pink Paloma and continue the fun without the hangover. This sexy thing blends grapefruit, soda, yuzu citrus and non-alc tequila, creating a delicious and well-deserved treat that’s ready to party.

Just close your eyes and picture yourself sitting on a beach or shimmying the night away with this beauty. 


Here’s to Good Times, Without the After Regrets

These non-alc drinks take inspiration from your favourite bar classics, without any artificial additives or flavours. Plus, you’ll be fresh as a daisy the next day. You’re welcome. 

Whether you’re looking to enjoy a party, a BBQ, or just kicking back at home, pour one into a fabulous glass. Add a garnish. Chill out. And never miss out on the fun. You deserve to say “cheers” and mean it.  Monday Distillery is non-alcoholic. Sugar-free. Forever tasteful.