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Pamper Hamper Gift Guide

Christmas Curated For You, by Monday


Imagine an Aussie festive season with plenty of sun, smiles and delectable sips without getting sloppy. Just bright skies, bright minds, and long, fun-filled days.  

As they say, ‘the joy is in the giving,’ and here at Monday, we have searched, sampled, designed, compiled, presented and packaged some beautiful Christmas gifting options for you and your nearest and dearest to enjoy.  
Think bespoke, artisanal goodies that support the finest producers going around.  Think flavour, style and the coveted WOW factor that will have family members clambering to get you in the Kris Kringle this year, and every year to come.
Oh – did we say we had to taste everything that goes into these hampers? Sigh…… Oh ok… go on then.  In some cases, we checked thing
s twice, just like Santa would want us to.

Now sit back and scroll, you are in for a treat.



The best gifts are ones we remember. And what better way to spark the senses than with something that feels luxurious, looks amazing, smells incredible, and tastes even better. 
Introducing the Pamper Hamper Collection by Monday.  Five hamper options filled with festive joy.
We blend sophisticated alc-free drinks with a delectable selection of artisan foods and elegant glassware in a pack to induce epic
 experiences.  Let's take a peek, shall we?







The 'For One' Taster - $49
This hamper for two packs an impressive punch.  It includes:
4 x signature Monday drinks (available in two varieties)
2 x crystal tumblers
4 x Monday signature glass straws
1 x pack of the Monday Garnish range






The 'For Two' Taster - $99
This hamper for two packs an impressive punch.  It includes:
8 x our signature Monday drinks
2 x crystal tumblers
4 x Monday signature glass straws
1 x pack of the Monday Garnish 




The Ultimate Gin Lover - $120


No ‘mother’s ruin’ here!  Gin Lovers and hangover haters rejoice!  This one’s for you.  It includes:

4 X Classic G&T (best served with cucumber garnish)

4 X Exotic Spice G&T (best served with Lemon garnish)

Lemon Garnish 40 gram 

Cucumber Garnish 40 gram

1 X Gin Mayo 

1X Gin Chup




The Happy Camper Hamper - $199

Put a smile on the dial of those on the receiving end of this beauty.  It includes:

8 x our signature Monday drinks 

2 x crystal tumblers

4 x Monday signature glass straws

1 x pack of the Monday Garnish range

2 x preserves

2 x condiments

1 x pate

2 x snacks

1 x chocolate





The Lush Banquet Basket - $299


And the gifts keep on growing.  Please even the hardest to buy for family members with this bountiful box.  It includes:
8 x our signature Monday drinks 
2 x crystal tumblers
4 x Monday signature glass straws
1 x pack of the Monday Garnish range
2 x preserves
3 x condiments
1 x artisanal seafood
1 x snacks
1 x recipe book



The Full Pamper Hamper - $499


Wow.  So, you really want to impress.  Look no further than this one.  All the bells and whistles on could want to bring festive cheer.  It includes:

16 x signature Monday drinks 

4 x crystal tumblers

4 x Monday signature glass straws

2 x pack of the Monday Garnish range

4 x preserves

3 x condiments

1 x artisanal seafood

1 x pate

3 x snacks

2 x chocolates

1 x recipe book 




Quality, taste and style are always front of mind here at Monday.  Curating the selection of artisanal products from producers at the top of their game for our hampers was no exception.

A list of products included in our hamper collection:


New Zealand 

A unique range of small batch sauces handmade in Paekākāriki.  These sauces are created in a delicious range of flavours that are inspired by New Zealand’s wonderfully diverse culinary landscape.


With hand-picked chillies and perfectly balanced spices comes a deep, complex sauce that beautifully compliments your meal.  Each product is inspired by religious iconography and tarot cards, meaning that each bottle is to be considered as a work of art.  A gift from the heart to the mouth.




The folks at this brand say that ‘the moment you start mixing the right things up, you create reasons to celebrate life’.  We couldn’t agree more.  And what better way to celebrate life than with tasty condiments?

These sauces are based on Zaanse mayo & ketchup, a creamy dutch mayo and ketchup.  A brand that has been a firm favourite for over 55 years.  Infused with a fine and balanced distilled gin that contains 8 botanicals, this combination creates a unique taste with a festive kick.  Don’t worry – they won’t get you drunk, but they will get things going.

This is celebration, caught in a tube.  We love that.




Crispy chilli oil from Chotto Motto from Collingwood forms part of the Monday curated hamper collection.  Chotto Motto Chilli Oil is for those times when you really need to bring the heat.


This renowned Crispy Chilli Oil is an instant way to add a punch of flavour, texture, and subtle spice to any dish.

Chilli, crunchy garlic, shallots, and more are cooked down in a blend of sesame and vegetable oil to develop a rich flavour.  A perfect accompaniment to breakfast eggs, noodles, pizza, or even vanilla ice cream.




Crafted specially for Monday by a café in Brisbane, Florence Café has an ethos steeped in nourishing and wholesome food, so they were a perfect fit for Monday.


Preserves are made in-house using fresh, local, seasonal ingredients and a sure to boost your platters and take your meals to new heights.


In the Monday Distillery preserves collection we have olives, pickled fennel, bread and butter pickles, strawberry marsala jam and pickled radish.  Delicious.




Turn up the party with Monday and these beer nuts, perfect for all snack-time occasions. 


These nuts come in three flavours – which the team at Monday Distillery have certainly tried and tested.  

The Classic Salted Peanuts, Jamaican Jerk-Style Nut Mix, and Korean BBQ all take snacking to new heights.  They also come in a can, which is pretty cute.





Margaret River


Bahen & Co makes stone ground chocolate from bean to bar.  A traditional approach to chocolate making that returns to a slower pace of a previous time.  The team behind the brand focus on building long-term relationships with farmers based on solid principles of mutual benefit, transparent and fair.   


The chocolate factory operates from the family farm in Margaret River - Western Australia.  A region with a raw natural beauty and strong community that supports the efforts of its small producers.




JOSÉ is a gourmet seafood company based in Portugal, whose purpose is to expand relationships between quality producers and quality consumers.  The team aim to raise awareness of the quality of raw ingredients in terms of food potential and support small through to large producers and their products.


JOSÉ nurture honest relationships with their suppliers and customers, and only work beside those who are committed to responsibility, those who select the finest produce and those who use the finest processing methods.