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Adding that Extra Flare to your Non-Alc Sip - Embrace the Power of the Garnish

Beautiful drinks are not just found in bars.  The first taste is with the eye, and creating sippable art can be done in the comfort of your own kitchen.  Monday Distillery launched their Garnish range to enhance the drinking experience of their glorious libations - just because you’re not drinking booze does not mean that you can’t feel all fancy with a blinged up drink in your hand.


The devil is in the detail - show off your skills at your next soiree - be it your partner, your friend, your mum, your date - whoever you are trying to score brownie points with, a perfectly primped drink is a big step into impressive-town.


There are a number of weapons in your arsenal that create amazing garnishes - dried fruits and veg, herbs, salt rims - the only limit to creating a knock-out libation is your imagination.  Below we give you a little crash course in what works and how you can elevate your next non-alc sipping experience.


Dried fruits & vegetables

Dried Fruit Garnish


Gorgeous little colour-packed morsels, bursting with intense flavour.


From citrus tastes to hints of berry, Monday Distillery has a collection of delectable dried fruit garnishes, perfect for topping off a good time. Using premium fruits which hold their own, they are lovingly packaged and sealed, ready to impart their goodness once the pack is opened.  Have them stocked on your drinks trolley ready for your next get-together - you’ll look so prepared and put together… Monday Distillery has got your back.


Here at Monday HQ we recommend these perfect pairings:


  •       Classic G&T with dried cucumber
  •       Exotic Spice G&T with dried lemon
  •       Paloma with dried lime
  •       Dark & Stormy with dried pineapple
  •       Whisky Dry with dried orange
  •       Dram sour with dried strawberries


Herbaceous Goodness

Herb Garnish

You may have had rosemary thrown into your G&T in the past - and it is for a good reason.  Herbs add a kick-ass humm to the classics we know and love, so - grab our Classic G&T and add a sprig of rosemary and stir it around.  We dare you.  Get your creative juices flowing by experimenting with other herbs that you may have growing in your garden.  Basil, thyme, coriander, mint - the sky's the limit if you want to experiment with the flavour profiles of your drinks, and really kick the party up a notch.


Salty and Sweet

If you fancy getting your inner mixologist on , then get busy with sugar and salt.


By adding salt or sugar to your drink, you can perfectly complement and elevate the taste of your beverage. You’ve probably experienced the salted rim of your favourite margarita - and this is the look we’re going for.  


For more bitter / sour beverages, wet the rim of your chosen vessel with water and dip the glass into some sugar. Likewise, for sweeter drinks, go for the salt rim to take your drink to new heights.  Try adding chilli into the salt rim for some extra burn - this works really well with our Paloma and Mezcalita.


What will you be topping your non-alcoholic drink off with?

Top off a good time with Monday Distillery’s Garnish range.  Mix it up, go crazy, lose your mind and tantalise your tastebuds by playing with the Monday range or drinks and paired Garnishes. Browse our collection of garnishes here.