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Does Non-Alcoholic Gin Taste the Same?

Whether you’re wanting to slash your alcohol intake, you’re pregnant, made a New Year’s Resolution to drink less booze, trying to shift the pounds or are taking part in a challenge for charity, there are plenty of reasons why you might be considering pouring yourself a non-alcoholic G&T later. In fact, with almost 25 per cent of Australians not drinking alcohol at all and around 45 per cent of the global population considering themselves lifetime abstainers, it’s no surprise that people are turning to alcohol-free gin for their next tipple rather than the real thing.


Of course, the great thing about opting for a non-alcoholic G&T is that you can enjoy a delicious and flavoursome fresh beverage completely and totally guilt-free. And what makes it even more attractive is that as well as being alcohol-free, it’s pretty much calory-free too - perfect for those watching their waistline but also wanting to enjoy a booze-alternative beverage at the next social occasion.


But you’re probably wondering, will it actually taste the same as its alcoholic counterpart? 

Image of a woman's hand dipping a cherry into a drink.

Remember, it doesn’t contain alcohol

For a start, it’s worth noting that non-alcoholic gin isn’t actually gin. It’s designed to look like gin and taste similar but with very little to no alcohol in it. So, if you’re looking for that very distinct smell and taste of alcohol - you know, that unmissable bitterness that hits the back of your throat when you take a sip - yeah, you won’t necessarily get that with a non-alcoholic version. Instead (well, we think anyway), you’ll get all the good elements that come with drinking an alcoholic gin, except without the alcohol.


What does non-alcoholic gin taste like?

Regular gin is usually distilled from the likes of wheat or barley before being infused with flavours from juniper berries and other botanicals. The taste can be edited by adding different spices, fruits, and floral elements.


The great thing about non-alcoholic gin is that it’s made using the same flavours and botanicals but without the alcohol element. So, as far as non-alcoholic drinks go, alcohol-free gin is as near to the real deal that you’re going to get. 


A classic non-alcoholic gin is likely to taste sweet and fresh, built around flavours of juniper berries and citrus. Of course, if you choose to try a flavoured non-alcoholic gin, like our exotic spice G&T, you might experience the likes of cinnamon and nutmeg. Alternatively, for sunshine in a bottle, try our Medditteranean G&T, which is bursting with a blend of grapefruit, rosemary, thyme, and basil.

How do you drink non-alcoholic gin?


Just like you do when drinking traditional gin. Whether it’s in a cocktail mixed with tonic water - or better still, a readymade G&T. Our ready-to-drink G&Ts not only come packed full of flavour, and best of all, all you have to do is pour yourself a glass and enjoy. Browse our collection today.