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How to keep your dry run going in August

July is an ever-popular month to give booze the flick and detox in the middle of the year. The first few days are always the hardest ones to get through when you’re craving a drink.The first Friday night is generally the peak of that fomo feeling. By the end though, you’re in a healthy routine and sipping all sorts of non-alc bevvies with a smile on your dial. 

So, what happens August 1st? Do you head out that night and pour all the vodka you can down your neck, waking up August 2nd with a furball in your mouth and a head full of regrets? More and more people are saying, ‘noooooo thanks, I might keep my powder dry a while longer’.

If you’re in that growing group who want to enjoy the feeling of either quitting or cutting down on alcohol, here are a few tips to help you keep that dry run going through August.


  • Celebrate your success (just not with a beer)  

You’ve made it through an entire month without alcohol, so it’s worth the moment to stop and celebrate hitting that milestone. Shout it out on Insta, go out for a delicious dinner, smile at the haters who said you wouldn’t make it. Associating that positive sense of achievement with staying dry (or just drinking less) is important. It reinforces your choices, shows that you could do it, and sets you up for success as you keep the ball rolling. 


  • Reset your goals

Part of the reason why you made it a whole month without drinking is because you set the goal to do it. Now, you can reset new goals. It might be to go another month dry. It might be to go the rest of the year. It might simply be to allow yourself a budget of 3 alcoholic drinks a week (probably with friends on Saturday). Whatever it is, setting that goal (and sharing it publicly), puts you in the mindset to make it happen again. You’ve already celebrated your first win, what are you going to do next time? 


  • Pair Up With Friends 

This was a big tip for helping to go dry in July, and it kind of remains the same. Things are simply easier when you have a support team doing it too. Think about how much more motivated you are to get out of bed for exercise in the morning, when you have someone else running beside you. It might be your partner, your best friend, or a group of friends. Get as many close people as you can to get on the same program, and you’ll all improve your odds of success dramatically. 


  • Stay Social (with a few adjustments)

We’re all social creatures and most of us miss alcohol most when getting together with mates who are having a tipple or two. That doesn’t mean you should miss out entirely. Keep that feeling going with an epic non-alc replacement. Monday Distillery’s alc free G&T is a major crowd favourite. There’s also whiskey without the wobbles if you fancy a dram. Whatever it is, there is a rapidly growing number of alternatives out there to help you stay dry, while still letting it rain social engagements.

So there you go. Four extra tips on how to keep your dry run going this August. If you want to join our growing community of crew who are just like you, Club Monday offers lots of alc-free discounts, prizes and more for members. Just sign up here.