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Introducing Monday Moods

colored ornaments

Welcome to Monday Moods.  The first in our series of colour palettes, textures, tinctures, trinkets and sumptuous inspirations that are switching on our creative sparks and feeding our imaginations. 


At this very moment, the sun is shining but it hides the fact that there is a distinct chill in the air that serves as a reminder that winter is just around the corner.  With this in mind, our Monday Moods has a focus on rich, bold hues with an unctuous deep red colour palette forming the backbone of our current vibe.  The feeling of cheeks that are flushed pink from the cold.  The shape and form of objects that create a certain aesthetic that elevates a space and works in perfect harmony with the bits and pieces that are featured within its surroundings. 


From gorgeous furniture, aspirational design, sleek glassware, and viscous amber liquids making a splash, this maiden voyage for Monday Moods gives you a serve of where our headspace is currently sitting and allows you to come on the journey of inspiration with us.


Sit back, have a sip and enjoy the ride.

colored tiles

white retro cars

woman's hand on top of playing cards

Ice balls in glass.

Variety of drinks on a bar.

golden glass on a table.

blush restaurant with green velvet chairs.

A pink phone.

A variety of eaten tapas.

Photography credits: Click on our Monday Moods Pinterest link which will take you to the original source of each image.